Forgiveness is the Seed of Progress

I’ve traveled a long and winding road and all the while I thought the journey was a linear path. I thought I had all the coordinates arranged to precision, I planned and plotted all my potential points where I’d meet happiness. I trusted and applied faith in the countless voices that crowded every square unit of me. I, like you, looked for comfort in the frames of a world that is in divide; a divide that dictates man’s moral. A dichotomy that gripped me to my fears and left me loveless, dependent on redemption that does not exist. Blindsided by...

Failure is the Root of Success

Experience is the Root of Introspection

What is Your Story?

What is my story? Did you come here to listen to an anecdote or will you lend me your attentive ears to understand and cradle my tale with gentle hands that touch the essence of your being?  Will each string of words land upon your frame and find their way to your heart?  

I often wonder what motivates us to share fragments of who we are while others peer into our once private life.   I wonder how that shared information will be harbored or disintegrated into mere words aimlessly blowing in the wind, unparalleled with the sentiment that it was...

Inner City Femme


I was born and raised in the city, but they are not the same cities.

Growing up in the inner city and teaching there as an adult forces me to continue to face and confront the issues I encountered as a kid many years ago.  Although many people I meet find it hard to believe that I grew up in the city, I am proud to say that I am a product of my environment; one that was rich in culture and opportunity with humble beginnings for those that could see, feel, and hear their inner voice.  This is the...