If We Ever Meet...


If we ever meet, if our paths ever cross and I don't just mean in the literal sense

but also in the literature that carries my name and through this cyber world we exist within, then you may come to know this woman’s voice is not one of solidarity but one that is unified with echoing voices of the masses across nations and in the silent storms of nature that can and at times engulf us.

 However brief our meeting may be I am ever so present and mindful of our encounter, for no meeting is ever in vain. Our “greet”,” comes with intent and purpose and we are changed and altered ever so slightly by a simple glance, hello, etc. or lack thereof.   There are no simple encounters; each one has been driven and guided by the energy of the universe at hand, for there are lessons to be learnt and hearts to be comforted and inspired, right here upon this land.

 Stop for a minute and think of why you decided to read a verse, passage, or visit this page. Do you think it was purely out of chance? 

I don't believe it was... Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts 

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