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"We all have stories that we inscribe upon various platforms, or new terrain of travel

Once upon a time, varies the script for various adventures

Shared by tongue, ink, and some in the caress of touch and in the depth of lens

But each venture seeks and weaves layers of understanding and purpose in who we are and our role to humanity..." Carla S. Veiga

Carla is an artist and author of two books written to inspire, motivate, and affirm self-love and personal growth rooted in introspective thought.  She shares her story of life lessons and her journey to self-love in her art and poetry, with the intent to reach humanity for progressive change.

Carla began writing verses on loose sheets of paper at a young age.  Her love for poetry and art saw a glimpse of light in high school and post-college.   Her ELA teacher acknowledged her work and submitted two of her poems for publication.  A few years later, Carla took a trip to Italy to study art and Italian.  In Italy, she began to combine her art and poetry to express personal and social sentiments about the world around her.  Soon after returning, Carla began to teach Science and started a family, that she devoted her life to.  Her creative work were shelved, once more.  She captures her sentiments here: 

"I woke up from a deep sleep,

only to find myself upon unfamiliar terrain, 

hearts strained and eyes glazed 

to believe in the heavens painted across tainted lens

I reach and feel the years of lament

Upon the surfaces I've traveled

Only to continue to remain superficially embossed in this place I call home

And I wonder what fears keep me afloat?

Search the layers that make me whole

And there I will find the true elements of home"

It took a little over a decade for Carla to follow her own affirmative voice, the one she shared with her students and children, daily.  She came to understand and believe in the power and strength of words and how "true self-love allows us to have faith in our potential and gives us the freedom to grow as individuals and as a people," a verse that echoes throughout her second book: In the Strength to Find My Soul, I Lost the Eyes of Scrutiny.

 "We often believe that happiness lies outside of us, we believe that if we align all the puzzle pieces that extend from our hands that life will work out as we expect but life has many lessons to teach us and there is no roadmap nor guide to how they will unfold.  I've learned that it's quite alright to stumble and fall, scrape my knees and puncture my heart.  It's alright to feel the gravel and thorns upon my aches; they are reminders that I can love whole-heartedly, that compassion claims my soul, and when I rise and begin to suture the elements of my strength, repelling the means of all that tried to destroy me, there is where I will find the seed of inspiration.  Be inspired to live the gift of life, by falling in love with all that you are and want to be." - Carla S Veiga

This is Carla's message to herself, her family, her students, and now the world. 


  • The author breathes life in every piece of poetry in her books.  The words are spectacularly graceful.  The poetry books are far from ordinary.  The manifestation of the poems capture the reader and the art captivates.  The poet made me lose myself in all the arbitrary feelings of power, fear, love, sadness, doubt, and rage that exists.  I highly recommend getting a copy.  -Poetry Lover 
  • Eloquent, moving, and beautifully written! The author's reflections on life's meandering journey & lessons along the way are thoughtful and inspiring. -L
  • Reading the author's book, "In the Strength to Find My Soul, I Lost the Eyes of Scrutiny," brought me face to face with my longing to love and be loved. -TB
  • I had never seen anything like it, the merchandise exudes inspiration that I had to make a purchase with the author.  -EH
  • I love the feel of the garments, great quality!  I bought 3 for myself and friends that need the inspirational words. -NA
  • I rarely read other author's works but in your case I made an exception, commanded by the insight of your poetry and now I'm looking forward to reading your novel.  -RN
  • Bless your heart! Carla, may the wind carry your inspiring messages to the heart and mind of young children near and far.  -MP
  • Carla, you are a genius.  This is exactly what is needed in our world today.  -SH
  • I met this beautiful fan at a holiday event, Dec. 26, 2015. Her mom bought my book, IN THE STRENGTH TO FIND MY SOUL I LOST THE EYES OF SCRUTINY, this past summer, at a festival where I was promoting my book, and told me to autograph it to her daughter, Megan. Megan happen to be at this holiday event and after we were introduced she froze with a look of surprise across her face. It was so amazing to see her eyes widen and light up as she took a big gasp of air and said "that's you... You wrote the book, oh my gosh I love you, I want to be you. I love the book." How could I resist taking this picture with such an endearing fan! Thank you Megan. 
  •  I met Ryan in Decatur Georgia, while doing a book signing at their festival in September 2015.  He walked up to my booth with his friend.  His friend was interested in looking at my book but he was not, "I'm not the poet guy, my friend is." he replied as I tried to hand him my book for a read.   Well, his friend bought my book, they walked away and within a half hour he returned and said he will purchase the book for his wife. I shared this story on social media and amazingly so, Ryan found me and had this to say: "Yes, that man would be ME. I do believe I stuck my foot in my mouth on that day. I enjoyed talking to you & getting to know more about your work. I will say, I am more than halfway through it & am not disappointed at all. Page 50, MY HEART, is my favorite so far. I will be checking out more of your work. Thank you for opening my eyes. I will definitely share as I read on. My wife will take the book over as soon as I'm done. Lol. Again, thank you very much." Thank you, Ryan, for your continuous support, writers live for moments like this.